Love Incorruptible: The Book of Ephesians Part 4

God's wonderful plan of salvation for his people was purposed and set on course by God himself before creation; a plan that was to be accomplished by sending his Son, Jesus.


Love Incorruptible: The Book of Ephesians Part 3

"Predestination": A word of comfort for many. But for many others, divisive and confusing words. Why does Paul begin his letter to the Ephesians with such a "divisive" doctrine?

Why did God Become a Man? Part III- To Make us His Children

“Aren’t we all the children of God already?” Some might ask. The answer is partly “yes,” and partly, “no.” Man does not rest in a state of peace with God. Far from friends, let alone children of God, sin has made mankind enemies of God, rebels against his will, and children, not of his love, but of his wrath.