The Spirits in Prison (1 Peter 3:19) : Who are they?

Who are the "spirits in prison" from 1 Peter 3:19? Are they humans from Noah's day? Old Testament saints in Hades? Are they fallen angels? Dig with me into this most "obscure" passage from Peter's first epistle.

Why I am Catholic (and You Should Be)

I remember introducing the Nicene Creed to my small church in Nashville. As we approached the last line I remember the puzzled looks as we recited together, "I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church."

Doctrine IS Power!

Most preaching in evangelical churches today is anemic at best. Many preachers are content to deliver countless series on anything from "7 Steps to a Happy Family," to "5 Laws of a Balanced Budget." After all, people can't listen very long anymore; they have short attention spans. What possible good could come from a dry dissertation on doctrine?